Quantum-proof IT security solutions

The quantum computer is the next big leap for mankinds technological advancement. By using quantum technology, a task that currently would take years to execute will be done by a quantum computer in hours.
In 2019 Google achieved quantum supremacy, taking 200 seconds to perform on a 53-qubit quantum computing chip a particular task that it calculated would take the fastest supercomputer 10,000 years.

Today’s encrypted data will be in danger in a few years

The world’s data is currently protected as it moves across the internet by public key encryption algorithms such as RSA, Elliptic Curve and ElGamal which are very reliable considering the technological level of computers at the moment. However, thanks to the unbelievably big computing capacity of Quantum computers, current public key encryption can be broken easily. Information and data that still needs to be secured in 5 years or more requires the preparation to be started these days and needs to be protected now by quantum level security solutions.

Quantum-proof IT solutions to protect today’s and tomorrow’s data

Our advanced solution relies on the professionalism of today’s and future’s knowledge. To prepare data to be secure in the future we use Key Encapsulation Mechanism. During the process we implement a layer of Quantum-resistant protection on top of RSA or Elliptic-curve algorithms. This way data is protected and prepared for both today’s and future’s security challenges.

Quantum-proof IT solutions to be used on the following areas: