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Business intelligence​

Nowadays, the integrated IT support of business systems, resource management and understanding processes on a higher level have become a crucial part of the effective operation of small and medium-sized businesses.

However, in the past decades the rapid advancement of IT resulted in complex problems in some cases. Since systems play significant roles in the operation of a company, it is important how we use them and how the given systems communicate with each other. Systems that are not synchronized with each other, nor with their databases or processes can create serious deficiencies, that will result in slower processes, decreased capacity, unsatisfied customers and in the end lower profit. 

A managerial information system can also give quality help for a decision-making business analyst, since it can be trusted to explore trends and consistencies between functioning systems. To help getting insights it also provides the opportunity to filter data, eliminate contradictions, force the use of an unified glossary of terms, and thus, give a clear image, at every step. 

Our colleagues obtained remarkable experience through dealing with similar problems in corporate circles, at banks and at multinational companies. Based on their credible and professional skills in the building and operating of data warehousing, we help design effective managerial information systems, customize and build them actively. We also offer daily operational support, regardless of whether there is a strong technological commitment or not at the given company. 

We came to realize that in most cases discovering and phrasing needs is a critical issue.

Project management

Project management is about the handling of projects, with significant emphasis on the specialized field of resource management. A project is considered complete when the project’s aims are successfully realized within the specified budget and deadline.
The responsibility and primary aim of project management to achieve goals while working by the predetermined limits of resources. Using resources and devices provided to reach determined goals in an optimal and integrated manner is another serious project management task. Each process that lasts a certain period of time can be handled as a project and we have to be able to assign resources, dates and information to every process.We consider it to be essential that we pay special attention to the progress of the project and the use of resources simultaneously. We cannot regard our results as success if we don’t complete the task in time and our efforts still do not yield any profit.Project management can only be viewed as successful if it is able to handle technical, human and financial processes, and at the same time, achieve the best technical result attainable at the lowest cost. It is only possible via thorough planning and continuous project control.

Document management

Everyone wants a tool, which allows them to manage all their contents. A company’s content mainly consists of documents, notes, letters, information pieces that have been amassed through the years, Most of the time they are stored in multiple different hierarchal order (from which they often either „stood out” or fit to many other places at the same time). By the correct way of organizing information processes will be shortened, more can be done with fewer resource investment and it also helps accountability.

Our software grants the following powerful functions: