Forest is value - The protection of forests and nature is our common mission



Forests are a medium of connection between nature and humans, and they require the preservation of plant and animal species, and their protection from the elements of nature, to ensure the constant renewal of raw materials, food and energy. Domestic forests are no longer self-sustaining environmental systems: their current form has been shaped by centuries of human intervention and farming. Therefore, they are sustainable only with good forest management, and as such, it has become essential to involve IT.

With the help of Seaforest, our intelligent forest and land protection product, we do not have to stay in the forest permanently to upkeep its assets and natural values. Supervision can be done remotely, through a phone in your pocket!

Outdoor protection

In areas with little or no infrastructure, continuous area protection can be solved easily and economically by utilising IT devices.

Our application for forest and area protection is capable of detecting cargo vehicles, and as such we are able to offer effective protection for the preservation of forests, fishponds, beekeepers, machinery and other values outdoor.

20% of Hungary is covered by forests, and our common interest is to protect it.

What can we do against the problems?


In areas in need of protection, we place IT devices (wireless sensors), which constantly monitor, sense and evaluate if there is any event that is out of the ordinary and which sets off alarms when they happen. This is a solution provided by SeaForest.

SeaForest is a product by our company, which consists of wireless sensors and a monitoring software. The collection, storage and processing of the data sent through mobile internet from the sensors placed out in the forest is processed by a central computer (server) and the results of this process can be seen on both PCs and mobile devices. In the case of suspicious events, the software warns the assigned persons via either SMS or EMAIL. Using the collected and stored data, it is possible to prepare reports which can be visualized on lists, graphs and optionally, even on maps.

To protect the assets of forests and nature’s treasures, it is not necessary to remain on site, because monitoring can be done from afar simply by using a mobile phone!


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