Project management

Project management is about the handling of projects, with significant emphasis on the specialized field of resource management. A project is considered complete when the project’s aims are successfully realized within the specified budget and deadline.

It is the responsibility, and as such, the primary aim of project management to achieve planned results in a way that takes predetermined limits into consideration while executing tasks. Using resources and devices provided to reach determined goals in an optimal and integrated manner is another serious project management task. Each process that lasts a certain period of time can be handled as a project and we have to be able to assign resources, dates and information to every process.

It is essential that we be aware of the progress of the project and the use of resources simultaneously relating to the project. This is because we cannot quite call it a success if we complete the task in time and yet our efforts do not yield any profit.

Project management can only be viewed as successful if it is able to handle technical, human and financial processes, and at the same time, achieve the best technical result attainable at the lowest cost. It is only possible via thorough planning and continuous project control.

Managerial, project management competencies

  • Project management know-how and experience (for projects beyond 10-20 man-years too)
  • Management and accounting experiences
  • Food industry quality control experiences
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