Content management

Who would not want a tool, which allows them to manage all their documents, notes, letters, information pieces that have been amassed through the years and stored in multiple different hierarchal order (from which they often either „stood out” or fit to many other places at the same time), and grants that:

  • listing and ranking (i.e. based on practically any determinative content element) from any arbitrary direction, making them easily accessible;
  • input into the system, furthermore, the ranking mentioned above should require the least amount of human intervention, and thus be supported by an extended series of automations;
  • that everyone would be able to almost instantly find the information they need for their work, regardless of which folder and what format the data is in. With adequate permissions, it could mean a global (organization-level) search, regardless of the complexity (and geographical extent) of the underlying infrastructure;
  • each person be able to access only the information necessary for their work, i.e. a hierarchical and/or customizable access rights system that protects the data (information) value stored within the system;
  • team work support, not only by advanced content management, but also by the possibility of integration of work processes, (like approvals, and enforcing auditing activities) if needed;
  • that the tracking of given content modifications would not be a problem either;
  • the control, directing and documentation of the handling of technological orders and operational regulations, such that the prevailing, most up-to-date versions get sent to those entities that are obliged to execute them.

Similar desires have been formed in the heads of many leaders, resulting in countless whole and partial solutions. However, in only a few cases has it been realized as a closed, uniform IT device base, especially one that functions smoothly when integrated with Microsoft Office (which although is criticized by many, yet is used by nearly everyone) devices, irrespective of whether we talk of correspondence, a Word document, XLS, or even a PDF.

These are what we offer, built on an Adamo-based solution pack, in intranet, extranet and web environments.

Additional services:

  • Adamo introduction
  • Adamo customization
  • Implementation of Adamo applications
  • Implementation of document library and knowledge management
  • Adamo system supervision
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